If you’re looking for ultimate wellness and a healthier you – you’ve come to the right place. We at Natural Alternatives Herb Shop in South Elgin Illinois are committed to your satisfaction. We provide assistance in finding herbs, supplements, homeopathic remedies, and many other products that are best for our customers. Our services include Massage Therapy, Herbal consultations, Iridology consultations, Energy Foot Spas, and others. Natural remedies can be used alone or as a compliment to more traditional therapies. You may want to consult your doctor or other professional before adding or changing any medications or therapies you are on. All our employees have been trained to provide the best possible service to our customers. We share our knowledge with anyone who comes in our door; education is our number one priority!

For decades, women’s problems have been “dealt with” by the medical community, rather than treated. At Natural Alterntives Herb Shop, you will find out that there are many alternative remedies that will help you start feeling normal again.

And our remedies don’t have the harsh side effects that hormones have. In fact, many have side “benefits”

Essential oils are most effective when in their authentic, natural state. When NSP began offering essential oils more than 15 years ago, we discovered many competitive oils on the market had been altered, standardized and enhanced for flavor, fragrance and economic advantage. Nature’s Sunshine raised the bar. We guaranteed that our oils were 100% authentic.

Massage should play a role in reducing stress and strengthening the health of Americans. When people feel their best, they are more likely to be able to face the challenges difficult times present. With greater health and peace of mind, consumers can face difficulties with poise, clarity of purpose, and strengthened emotional reserves.