0_0_0_0_91_107_csupload_36488881The Natural Immune System Promoter

Research indicates that Silver Shield (with Aqua Sol Technology) is an effective immune system booster, discouraging the growth of unwanted invaders. Silver Shield has become a popular alternative to other products on the market.

How it Works

Silver Shield disables the specific enzyme that many unwanted microorganisms need to metabolize oxygen (breathe). When this enzyme becomes disabled, the microorganisms cannot thrive. NSP Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology has been effective against unwanted microorganisms when tested in vitro.

Silver Shield is processed by the kidneys and does not usually affect populations of beneficial bacteria in the colon.

Scientific Support

NSP Silver Shield has been studied extensively in in vitro and human trials. It has proven to be two to three times more effective than other commercial colloidal silver products, and it has outperformed some other products.

Recommended Use:

Take 1 teaspoon with a meal three times daily. NSP Silver Shield is gentle enough for application to the eyes, ears and nasal passages.

Silver Shield is also available in a hand sanitizing gel and as a surface wipe.

Benefits: • Provides more powerful support to the immune system.

• Uses only the finest particle-size colloids to ensure maximum bioavailability and efficiency.

• Is completely non-toxic; no heavy metal contamination

Advantage of Using Nature’s Sunshine’s Silver Shield over other companies colloidal silver:

NSP Silver Shield is safe and effective. It is manufactured using a patented process (U.S. Patent No. 7,135,195) with strict quality control to verify atomic absorption. The result is fine, particle-sized colloids with 99% bioavailability. Other products tested ranged between 15–65% bioavailability. NSP holds exclusive

rights on this patented Aqua Sol technology for silver solutions ranging from 16 ppm to 19.9 ppm.


Contains 90 mcg silver (18 ppm) per serving and deionized water.

Complimentary Products:

• Nutritional: Olive Leaf, Echinacea/Golden Seal, Immune Stimulator, High Potency Garlic.

• Essential Oils: Lavender Fine AOC, Thyme Linalol, Tea