Flower Essence blends from Nature’s Sunshine.

The Power of the Flower

Flower Essences can help you heal your emotional troubles and find joy in your life.

We are under stress.

Every day, almost constantly. The economy, wars, disasters, daily problems such as conflicts in relationships, bills, health problems… it’s natural for us to feel negative emotions as a response to negative news.

Some people try to think positively to eliminate “negative” emotions. While this may help to an extent, emotions don’t always arise from conscious thought, so this doesn’t always work. Some think that if they are feeling bad emotionally, they need medication. While this may be necessary for some, most of the time these drugs just mask the real problem and even make people feel worse.

Thankfully, there are ways of dealing with our emotions that produce more lasting changes. Using Flower Essences is one of those ways.

What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are remedies made from the flowers of plants. They are designed to directly affect a person’s emotional state.

Dr. Edward Bach discovered how to use flowers for emotional healing almost 80 years ago. In Bach’s mind, health was created by restoring internal harmony.

Since Dr. Bach’s time, many more flower essences have been discovered. Today there are literally hundreds of flower essences that can help a person with just about any emotional issue one might face in life.

We offer flower essences at Natural Alternatives, both custom blends and the following pre-made blends. The seven pre-made blends can help balance some of the most common emotional issues we face:

Distress Remedy- This remedy is used to restore a sense of calm and awareness in a crisis situation. It can help prevent panic or losing your temper. It can also be helpful for one who has been injured or traumatized (physically, mentally or emotionally) and might be in shock.

Keep Cool – Anger allows us to protect ourselves from people and situations that are unhealthy. Sadly, anger can also be used as a weapon to try to control others. “Keep Cool,” as the name implies, helps people keep their cool. It may help an angry person be able to see the other’s point of view, work for cooperation rather than competition, promotes forgiveness of past hurts and helps open loving communication.

Find Strength – While using anger as a weapon is unhealthy, it is also unhealthy to suppress anger completely. Those who have suffered abuse or have observed the destructive use of anger may get the idea that anger is bad, and therefore suppress it. This causes loss of control and makes them easy prey for those who want to “leach” off them. “Find Strength” is helpful for people who tolerate abuse and neglect instead of standing up for themselves. It helps them set up healthy boundaries and have the courage to communicate openly and honestly.

Release It – This remedy helps with healthy grieving. If someone is unable to grieve properly or completely, they are unable to let go of the pain. They become victims, complaining and maybe even manipulating others into feeling sorry for them. “Release It” helps people let go of their grief and sadness and open up to happiness and joy.

Open Heart – Everyone suffers some loss in their life. Sometimes the loss is so painful, people harden themselves to keep from experiencing that pain again. This can result in so-called hard-heartedness. What it actually is is a protection. The “Open Heart” remedy helps heal the wounds that caused the need for this type of protection. It allows feelings again of empathy, compassion, flexibility and joy.

Be Courageous- Sometimes fears can paralyze some from taking action. These fears may hold them back from pursuing their goals. “Be Courageous” helps develop courage and self-confidence to pursue your goals. It helps you be able to trust yourself rather than blindly following the ever changing suggestions of others.

Be Response-Able – Some people seek to suppress their fears. Fear can be a healthy response to a dangerous situation, so suppressing fear can lead to anxiety. This suppression often leads to destructive, obsessive or addictive behaviors. “Be Response-Able” helps people get in touch with the emotions driving their dysfunctional behavior, promotes self-awareness and helps people make healthier choices.