The Best Tasting Honey in the World!*

11391189_10152927935236762_4108989313149239236_nOur honey comes from Wisconsin Natural Acres in Chilton Wisconsin.  The honey is 100% natural and pure.  It is never blended with foreign honeys (store bought honeys are abour 15% American, and 85% honey from Argentina and/or China).  Our honey is never heated or even filtered, as these processes can destroy honey’s antioxidants and active enzymes.

  • The honey is not heated.  It’s warmed which keeps it raw and natural.

  • There are no additives in the honey.

  • This honey is 100% pure Wisconsin Natural Acres honey.  It is not blended with in foreign or out of state honey.

  • Only glass jars are used.  Glass will not affect the taste of honey and is easy to recycle.

  • The bee hives are located in natural farming locations.

  • The honey is strained not filtered insuring that valuable anti-oxidants and nutritious pollen are not removed during the packaging process.

Small: $6.00

Medium:  $12.99

Large:  $17.99

Tester size:  $4.99

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*According to the Food Network program “Unwrapped”