Jean Weddle is the owner of Natural Alternatives Herb Shop.

She is a Certified Natural Health Professional, a Certified Iridologist, and a Certified Nutritional Consultant.

With all the information available from friends, family members, web sites, and even doctors, it can be confusing and overwhelming to know where to start.  A consultation can pin-point a good place to start for you as an individual.  Jean has over 30 years of experience, and can offer you knowledge and understanding of your own body and health.

Health Kinesiology
Health Kinesiology (HK) is a comprehensive systematic approach to evaluating what is happening within the body’s energy system.  It provides an understanding that enables changes to be made in the system for better functioning.
HK is concerned with re-balancing the energy system of the body.  Using muscle testing, it identifies stressors in the body and then gentle techniques are used to bring the body back into harmony with itself.
Because every person is a unique individual with a unique energy system, every session is different and personal.
Herbal Consultations
If you are unsure which supplements and herbs are right for you, are overwhelmed by the choices available, or have a specific problem and need help finding answers, a consultation might be just what you need.
Iridology Consultations
Iridology is often done in conjunction with herbal consultations.  Iridology is the science of studying the delicate structures of the iris of the eye.  It reveals weaknesses in the body that may cause problems in the future, if they are not already.
The iris is the most complex tissue of the body meeting the outside world.  It is an extension of the brain and is incredibly endowed with hundreds of thousands of nerve endings, microscopic blood vessels, muscle and other tissue.
The iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the brain and nervous system.  In this way, the body provides a “screen” showing the most remote portions of the body by way of nerve responses.  These nerves respond to changes in the body tissue by manifesting a reflex physiology that corresponds to specific tissue changes and locations.  The iridologist is trained in how to read these changes using a “map” of the eye.
The iris reveals an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and what has been done to the body through lifestyle.  In this way, Jean can help determine the best herbal program for YOU.